Montana Medicaid And Elder Law Attorneys For The Best Strategies For Your Unique Situation
July 1, 2022
Helping You With The Best Strategies For Setting Up Elder Trusts In Montana
July 11, 2022
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Knowledgeable Elder Law And Estate Planning Attorneys To Help You Navigate The Complex Montana Law With Ease

Elder law attorneys are specialized in providing services to the elderly for the needs that are specific to them, such as probate, estate planning, creating a Will, setting up a trust for their long-term care, etc. Experienced elder law attorneys in Montana advocate for the rights of the seniors, and assist them in navigating through the complexities of federal, state and local laws and regulations. A legal law attorney will help you legally navigate through the issues that typically arise due to your advancing age. Our experienced elder law attorney will help you with all challenges related to your retirement plans, preparing for long-term care, and other issues, such as probate and estate planning.

The areas where services of our experienced elder law attorney can be particularly useful include:

Estate planning: The attorney will help in creating a Will, that can entail trust for your life insurance policies, and also filing out and executing Advance Directives.

Social Security: You become eligible to apply for social security benefits when you are 61 and nine months, while the full retirement age for social security benefits is 67.

Medicaid: The experienced elder law attorney will help in legally positioning your income and assets so that you qualify for Medicaid, a federal program that provides healthcare benefits to low-income adults, elderly adults, pregnant women, children, and people with disabilities.

Medicare: This federal health insurance program is for Americans 65 years or older. It’ a great benefit provided by the government, but the process is complicated and confusing as different services and benefits are covered in Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Our experienced elder law attorney will not only help you in getting Medicare but also file an appeal if the claim is denied.

Experienced Montana probate attorneys

Our experienced Montana probate attorneys help the clients fulfill their roles as administrators, personal representatives, or executors of estates. They help the clients through the entire probate process that includes paying the debts of the deceased, and distributing the assets per the Will, or Montana law, if there is no Will. Our experienced Montana probate attorney will find and secure the decedent’s estate and savings, secure appraisals for their assets, secure a tax account, and file documents required by a probate court. This way, our experienced Montana probate attorney will ensure that your probate process is accomplished smoothly.

Elder law attorney is not same as an estate or probate attorney. An experienced elder law attorney will seek to preserve your money, estate and health while you are still alive. On the other hand, an experienced Montana probate attorney will focus on the distribution of your assets, typically in a tax-advantageous manner, after your passing away. While elder law strategies often involve estate and probate planning, the two practices are different. For example, if you need the best planning for your long-term care at a nursing home, assisted living facility or home, you need experienced elder law attorney in Montana. However, if you need to distribute your estate and assets after your passing away, you need experienced Montana probate attorney.

Covering all aspects of elder law services

Elder law covers an extensive range of legal and financial matters related to the seniors and disabled. It is complex, varies from state-to-state, and also changed often. It is important to choose experienced elder law attorneys who are cognizant of the entirety of the available assistance to the seniors, both government or private, and are knowledgeable about the laws pertaining to the rights of the seniors. Our elder law, probate planning, estate planning, and special needs planning services are available throughout Great Falls, Bozeman Missoula, Billings, Butte, Helena, and Kalispell.