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June 22, 2022
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July 1, 2022
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Experienced Elder Law And Probate Attorneys In Montana For The Right Legal Advice For Your Situation

We all aim for a long and prosperous life with financial and healthcare security in our golden years. Having enough money for retirement is never guaranteed, and the individuals in Montana with a fixed or variable income, or large or small estate, can face a variety of challenges related to Montana elder law. Some common issues around Montana elder law include estate and financial planning, nursing care, end-of-life planning, advance directives, elder abuse, and more. Montana elder law is comprehensive, and covers areas of disability and long-term care planning, estate planning and administration, financial administration, healthcare, guardianship, and conservatorship.

Montana Elder Law offices have experienced elder law attorneys to help you with the right legal advice for the issues that commonly concern elders in Montana, such as Social Security, Medicaid, retirement, disability, probate, long-term planning, and more.

Some of the key areas where our experienced elder law attorneys can help you with include the below:

  • Will and estate planning
  • Creation of a durable power of attorney
  • Planning for a minor or adult with special needs
  • Financial planning including durable financial power of attorney
  • Selection and appointment of a legal guardian
  • Overseeing the payments of any bills or debts the principal has
  • Patient rights, Medicaid, Medicare, and healthcare power of attorney
  • Drafting a living will or other advance directives
  • Probate proceedings, and other matters

Over the years of legal practices, our highly experienced elder law attorneys have become equipped to handle the sensitive emotional and physical needs of elders in Montana who face a variety of challenging situations in their golden years. You can trust our experienced elder law attorneys in Montana who have helped many elders in Montana and their families to plan for now, and the future.

Experienced Montana probate attorney to help with the smooth distribution of property

Probate occurs after what is typically a painful and emotional loss. By statute, the PR of the deceased has certain duties and powers with respect to the administration of your estate. The PR must account for your estate, notify your heirs and beneficiaries, pay for the taxes and debts, and distribute the property as per Will, or as per the laws of the intestate succession, in case the deceased dies without a Will. Our experienced probate Montana probate attorney will help you with all documentation related to probate in Montana that include:

  • Retirement benefits
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Payable on Death (POD)
  • Joint tenancy assets, and
  • Transfer on Death (TOD) accounts

Note that while a Will can be revoked or changed, a life insurance cannot substitute a Will. Also, when one joint tenant dies, the property will pass automatically to the surviving joint tenants, subject to the payment of taxes and liabilities. Our experienced Montana probate attorney would help you with all aspects of probate in Montana that include:

  • Appointment of a Personal Representative (PR)
  • Filing the Will with the Montana probate court
  • Valuing, managing, preserving, and liquidating the asset
  • Developing the best strategy for probating the estate
  • Finding and collecting assets
  • Identifying the beneficiaries
  • Paying estate taxes and debts
  • Distributing the estate per Will, or the Montana law

Even the apparently straightforward estate cases can result in disputes. Our experienced Montana probate attorneys can help in calming the disputes, and help in preserving cordial familial relationships. It is important to work with an experienced elder law attorney in Montana to help you make the right decisions related to your finances, healthcare, estate, and get the right legal advice for your situation. Montana Elder Law offices have highly experienced elder law attorneys, and experienced Montana probate attorneys that help prevent a contested estate. Our experienced Montana probate attorney would ensure that all the documentation has been drafted, signed, and filed properly for a flawless settlement.