Avoid Legal Complications Or Unwanted Procedures With An Estate Planning Attorney
May 16, 2023
Understanding The Importance Of Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney From Montana Elder Law Firm
May 31, 2023
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Eliminate Family Conflicts With An Estate Planning Attorney

Making sure your family is aware of how you want your assets and affairs to be handled in the case of your death or incapacitation is the goal of estate planning. However, beginning the procedure can frequently feel daunting.  Estate planning lawyers can help with that. To ensure that your wishes are carried out, these experts from Montana Elder Law firm walk you through every step. A lot of individuals are unsure of what an elder law estate planning attorney is, what they do, and whether they are even necessary. But don’t worry since this blog talks about the responsibilities that an estate planning attorney in Missoula takes care of:

Beneficiaries are protected by an estate plan

If estate planning was originally seen to be something that only wealthy people required, that is no longer the case. Many middle-class families now must make plans for what would happen if the family’s breadwinner (or breadwinners) is no longer able to work. Since both the stock market and real estate produce assets that you’ll want to leave to your heirs, you don’t need to be extremely wealthy to succeed in both. You won’t have any control over what happens to your property after you die away, even if all you’re leaving behind is a second house.

That’s because the major component of estate planning is designating successors for your assets, whether it’s a vacation cottage or a stock portfolio. Without an estate plan, the courts will frequently decide who gets your assets, which can take years, cost money, and result in conflict. After all, a court has no way of knowing which sibling is to blame and which one shouldn’t have unrestricted access to money. The surviving spouse does not automatically inherit everything, either, according to the courts.

Family messes are eliminated with an estate plan

All of you must have heard the terrifying tales. When a wealthy person passes away, family feuding starts. One sibling can believe they are deserving of more than the other, while another might believe they should oversee the money even though they have a history of running up debt. Family members may be pitted against one another in court because of such disputes, which can get unpleasant. Another justification for the necessity of an estate plan is to prevent conflicts before they arise. By doing this, you will be able to decide who will manage your finances and assets in the event that you lose mental capacity or pass away. This will help to prevent family disputes and ensure that your assets are managed according to your intentions. One of the important decisions you must make is whether to divide your estate evenly. An estate plan is crucial if you have children from many families or if you have been married more than once.

Whom to choose?

One of the misconceptions about estate planning attorneys is that they are merely required to draught and file important planning documents as a matter of formality rather than being advocates who genuinely care how their clients’ and their families’ interests will be served.

Therefore, Montana Elder Law firm appreciates offering their estate planning clients individualized legal aid, however you can’t speak for other lawyers. This means that they take the time to get to know your estate planning objectives so that they can tailor their legal services and guidance to assist you in achieving those objectives. They have a team of proactive advocates for their clients and can inform you of opportunities and challenges you may not have thought about, so their service isn’t merely reactive. Contact them today!